Welcome to Rockad Lyft & Materialhantering AB!

With full flexibility when it comes to materials, components, dimensions and connections, we design the missing link to your product, machine or production line. Whether it is something to be hoisted, pressed or placed in a certain position, it is your needs and conditions that will decide.

Since we can customize every step of the way, you pay for the quality you require, no more, no less. Our solutions maximize production, minimize maintenance and provide added value to your product. This means optimal profitability and job satisfaction.

When it comes to custom-made units and weights of minimum one hundred kg, we make certain we offer just the solution you require. We have long and extensive experience assisting customers in the food industry, packaging industry and we also have specialised knowledge that facilitate the shipbuilding industry.

Our solutions lift vessels, put wind turbine towers in place and make it easier to launch and leisure boats. Using our clever lifting systems we can turn products for solar energy towards the sun, raise and lower swimming pool floors and double a freight companies’ cargo space. The only limit is your imagination. The law of gravity does not present a problem for us.


With the help of actuators, hoists and pressing devices, we can create the component, product or machine that you require. Specifically with the functionality that was missing and in turn optimised your production line.


Based on your measurements, weights, machine interfaces and speeds required we can present possible options. With flexibility and adaptability with every step we will present the solution you require, for the right price.

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We assist our customers to position, place, move, lift, raise/lower or press heavy objects. There is usually not any particular way that is correct, but our task is to find the very best solution for your needs.

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Our assignment always begins with a question, contemplation, analysis or price proposal. Do not hesitate to contact us! Almost anything is possible when you have gravity on your side.

With our customised hoists, actuators and pressing devices your product, machine or production line will become complete.

Which feature do you require?

We can develop the solution you need.

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