Helping and changing children’s life

At Rockad, we believe in long-term work in helping and changing vulnerability. Children are the future of our world and if they get a bad start in life, this will most likely reflect how these individuals grow up, become adults and thus create an unsustainable society. That is why we support SOS Barnbyar, and their efforts to help children and families through long-term and individualized efforts.

Cancer research saves lives

Anyone can be affected by cancer. It is a widespread disease which we know relatively little about and which worries many people. One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life. That is why we are making a donation towards the Swedish Cancer Society’s work to defeat cancer and save lives. To achieve this aim, the Swedish Cancer Society is striving to raise awareness, stir opinion and collect money for research. There is incredible determination and commitment. Today’s research is tomorrow’s cancer care.

Reducing climate impact

Climate impact affects us all. We must save the planet we live on. That is why we support Tricorona by climate-compensating for our driving. Tricorona works to reduce long-term emissions by replacing fossil fuel sources with renewable energy and energy efficient technology. We have chosen to support their quality-guaranteed environmental project Gold Standard. Together we can create a sustainable future.

Enabling women to escape from poverty

When women in poverty are given help to set up their own business, it also has a positive effect on their children, families and society as a whole. That is why we are supporting Hand in Hand’s long-term self-help programme. We believe in people who have the courage to make the leap and run their own business with the help of education, vocational training and sometimes microloans. Thanks to the extra income they are able to generate, the women can get themselves out of the poverty trap and enable their children to go to school instead of having to work.

Hand in hand - rockad sponsrar
Jenny Espegren

Equestrianism’s new hope

Jenny Espegren is a 19 years old student that is now in her last year at Flyinges riding school. Her life is all about horses. She is training for the national team leader Jacob Hellström and has already won a DM gold, a SM silver in jumping and an SM bronze in the young pony.

Right now, Jenny is in the starting pit for the next step in her career. She will start competing for dressage on a regular basis and also try to get a job or internship with a rider who has experience in working with horses. Jenny’s goal is to compete in more international competitions and to get up in the classes, hoping to compete in class 120 before the summer.

Rockad is passionate about Jenny’s commitment to horses and equestrian sports and wants to support the local youth sport. We are so happy to be a part of Jenny’s journey.