Our process

Our customers come to us either because they want help developing a new product or because they are facing a problem that in a costly way prevents or slows down the production. Therefore, our work process are designed to enable us in an effective way to familiarize ourselves with the problem, identify possible solutions, and promptly get started with the design and construction.

Here you can see what is included in each phase. A genuine, representative case study shows how it works in reality. Our whole Business Concept is based on flexibility and customization. Therefore, we are always open to alternative methods and approaches, which are better suited for you and your business.

Concept phase

We discuss the client’s requirements or problems from different angles. At the end of this phase, we usually have one or perhaps two options with price indications that the customer may consider.

The customer has a machine with a lid that weighs approximately 3 tons. It shall be lifted once a day for cleaning and then restored in place, so that production can resume. We already supply a screw jack system to other machines this customer manufactures and would like to utilize as much as possible from that system in this machine. This will also minimize the documentation and handling of spare parts. During an initial meeting, we discuss the different alternatives and narrow them down into two solutions that the customer wants to look into, in terms of both performance and price indication.

Construction Phase

After the customer has decided on a suitable alternative, accepted the offer and the detailed drawings in both 2D and 3D we produce and deliver as agreed.

We look in detail at how the screw jack system can be designed with regard to lifting speeds, the weight of the lid, dimensions and fixing points. We go home, sketch and outline the solution, develop a spreadsheet and present an exact quote. After approval of the price and delivery content, we show the detailed drawings in 3D and 2D, so that the customer can see the solution in its entirety before they implement them in their engineering drawings and sourcing database. At the agreed date, we delivered a motorized tube shaft system connected together with four screw jack units.


During our client’s sales towards the end customer, new requests and requirements can arise that call for new procedures. In these cases, we will return to the design phase and find new solutions.

When our client sells the first machine the end customer asks for a system completely in stainless steel. It is not that simple to find products and manufacture parts that can replace the non-stainless steel elements without any impact on the interface towards the machine. The worm gear is not possible to procure with the same dimensions with full interchangeability so we need to design a custom made worm gear in stainless steel. The bevel gears in the system are available in stainless steel, but to make them interchangeable we manufacture our own special spacer plates.

We can help you with almost anything!

Do you know what you need? Send your drawings to us and we can prepare a cost estimate. Otherwise, we can visit and look at your lifting heights, weights, speeds, machine interface, measurements and machinery locations. We will assess how many units, what tube shafts you need and what size of motor would be required. We will then come back to you with a solution and cost estimate.