Our Products

Custom-made flexibility and cost-efficient use of materials – means that everything is possible.

To create the functionality that you need, we always start with our actuators, pressing devices and hoists which we then adapt according to your requests and needs. With full flexibility when it comes to materials, components, measurements and connections. We use both standard and proprietary components in a combination that best meet your specifications.

Different industries require different materials and functionality, and our goal is that your product will maintain the quality and durability required while remaining cost effective.

We offer you the best solutions on the market, based on your needs and requirements while ensuring that you receive extensive service and support. The technology we primarily use is trapezoidal threaded rod, alternatively ball screw, operated by one or more electrical motors. If your solution requires several units working together, we can deliver a customized tube shaft system with motor. Or perhaps independent jack screws with motors and sensors that operates synchronized is more suitable; for example.

How do we do it?

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